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Full Flame Group LTD. is a leading independent supplier of specialist storage and handling equipment for the chemical industry, offering an extensive range of logistical solutions and management services to meet virtually any chemical industry requirement. We also have a wealth of engineering expertise to upgrade, expand and construct facilities at customers’ sites, and can design and install advanced automation systems for stock management and logistic.
​ In many cases hazardous materials not only need to be stored safely, they need to be dispensed from a larger into a smaller container. Barrels handling eqipment like barrel pumps or laboratory pumps ensure this process is completed safely. And if there is a spillage, products from our spill kits such an oil absorbent or oil absorbant pads from the extensive Full Flame range of absorbent materials and granulates make sure the hazardous substance is safely retained and absorbed. Full Flame versatile oil absorbents have also proved effective for use with mobile refueling facilities.
With the benefit of 10 successful years in business and the expertise of a market leader, Full Flame has developed a complete range of products for handling barrels effectively. Choose from an extensive line featuring a product specifically designed for each individual application. From storing drums safely on spill paletts, sump pallets or in barrel storage cabinets or equipment for manoeuvring barrels such as barrel grippers, barrel turners or mobile sumps.
We also offer IBC mixer, IBC heating jackets, tipping skips and portable fuel dispenser to support you in your daily work as good as we can.

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